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To Request a song, select the Our Place Playlist & Requests in the Now Playing/Request menu above. Your request will play shortly. If the scheduling software determines the artist/title was recently played, you will be informed. Please choose another title or artist. Thanks for tuning in.


Welcome to Our Place Radio KOPR-db in Fenton, MO. We strive to provide the user true "listening pleasure". Our Place Radio is on the air 24 hours a day and provides the best entertainment for our friends across ALL world time zones.

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Access to many of the functions of the site do not require registration or log in. To access functionality that require monitoring and moderation like Voice/Video Chat and Forums dictate that you register and log in. You MUST have VALID email address to register!

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To use VLC, Winamp, Android Tablets and Phones, or to use Shoutcast on iTunes compatible devices like the iPad or iPhone view   - How To Here -


Two news feeds are provided; the first is dedicated to New Age, World and Ambient genres. The other is a generic feed from MTV, and covers a wide range of genres.
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Artists - Please Read

Artists, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   AFTER you register. I must ENABLE your account to be able to access the Artists Page. Thanks
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Audio Buffering

The radio server is designed to handle many 100's of simultaneous audio connections. Many audio buffering issues (where the music glitches, or "stops/starts" to buffer) can be rectified at the client.

The webpage based Flash Radio Players have Fixed buffers and cannot be changed. If there are issues with audio buffering using the web site player, there may be no solution. Try closing other programs, like VLC or Winamp. On Win7 and Win8, try shutting off the Superfetch Service.  Read More

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ARTISTS and LISTENERS: We could use your kind help. If possible we wish to ask assistance in providing exposure for Our Place Radio. If possible, please post the following address (and only this address) on your websites - - We would also appreciate any posts to Blogs, Forums, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else appropriate.

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